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Fresh senior portraits.

Clean family portraits.

Classic child portraiture.

People often ask me, “How would you describe your style?”  Fresh, clean and classic are my typical answers.  BUT, what does that even mean to me?

Fresh senior portraits The Woodlands High School senior portrait photographer


What do I mean by “fresh” in my work?  Well its defined as “not previously known or used; new or different”.  I apply this in using timeless, proven posing techniques  in unique ways.  Angles, triangle, levels….there is always a method to my madness in posing.  I often show each person in a family the “goal pose”, then have them relax and move into it.  Does it always work the first time?  Of course not, but it is often the magic in the in-between that makes an image.

How else it my work fresh?  I typically work in the great outdoors, is there anything more fresh than nature itself?  The bold colors, the vibrant tones and textures set an undeniably beautiful stage for my clients.

The Woodlands High School senior portrait photographer

The Woodlands High School senior portrait photographer


What does clean even have to do with a portrait?  They showered?!?  No, no, noooooo….I use that term in relation to my processing and editing style.  Every image is processed through my digital darkroom in Photoshop.  Photoshop get s a very bad wrap at times in the media and changing bodies into unrealistic goals, but its immense power can complete be used for good, too.

Each image is processed for my signature bold, vibrant, yet technically sound, clean toning.  I will not make someone over to not look like themselves, but a funky white balance surely doesn’t do anyone’s skin any favors.  My goal is merely to lightly polish for pop and who wants this week’s pimple to take center stage?  No Way!

The Woodlands High School senior portrait photographerClassic

This one is SOOOOO important to me.  I want these images to be passed down, enjoyed and loved for generations.  What will we think of the crazy Instagram type filters in just 10 years time?  Will we still want to look like a tanned oompa-loompa?  Will we love the haze filter that looks like we are viewing it through dirty glasses?  Not a gamble that I am willing to make on treasure moments that you are investing in.

I want classic….I want timeless….I want YOU to be the focus, not some editing or shooting technique.
The Woodlands High School senior portrait photographer

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